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Digital Agency

The digital age had commenced in the year 1970 when personal computers were introduced in the market, together with the subsequent technology that provided the possibility of transferring,  sending or receiving information in a fast and a reliable way. Prior to this development, companies, corporations and business organisations rely on the courier or the postman to deliver letters or important messages to different people and offices. Communication or business correspondence had the possibility of being lost in transit or rerouted to another location because of confusion on spellings and typographical errors done by the typist while using a typewriter.

Thanks to the advancement in technology and new innovations in communication. Errors in typing or encoding are now kept to a minimum since the keyboard has a backspace key or the delete key that helps an encoder erase or edit previously encoded words or phrases in a paragraph. On the other hand, an executive or CEO of a company need not travel far just to have a meeting with a client or a conference with the members of the board in a specific company. With chat and video messaging platforms, discussions are done real-time with high definition audio and screen resolution.

This brings us to the present time when businesses depend on their own digital agencies and other outsourcing companies to make their transactions faster, easier and more convenient. To keep brains up and running, here’s a rundown of comprehensive and detailed information on the subject.

Strategic direction

Digital agencies see to it that all the digital marketing strategies applied in the market are coherent to the objectives or thrusts of a certain company. By definition, strategic direction is a course of action that leads to the attainment or achievement of the goals of a company or corporation. The word strategy comes from the Greek word “strategos,” meaning an army and “ago” which literally means moving or leading to a particular direction.

Why is strategic direction important?

It is essential for a business organisation because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. Strategic planning is a tool that is useful for guiding day-to-day decisions and also for evaluating progress and changing approaches when moving forward.

What does strategic direction involve?

A strategic direction involves the central or middle forces that propel your business towards its intended objectives. An effective business leader refers to the elements of a strategic direction to produce or generate collaboration and positive morale in an organisation.

Creative design

The design does not only involve ordinary drawings or illustrations that we always see. It also means not only implementing marketing strategies but also planning on how to address or solve problems that interfere with a company’s daily operations. It’s being creative in problem-solving. In contrast, production involves a routine or pre-planned process. Moreover, a mere plan that does not include a production or engineering process is still regarded as a working knowledge of such processes that are very much expected from designers.

How is creative design implemented by digital agencies?

Designers in digital agencies use creative business solutions in order to address complex marketing problems with creative solutions. For example, if two competing products, let’s say a fruit drink in a pouch, has the same packaging and taste, how will creative design make a product more preferable than the other? If the first product has a straw, but the drinker needs to open another sealed container to enjoy the drink, why not design a straw that is capable of sipping the liquid automatically with just one bite?

Technical development

A technical developer in a digital agency ensures that marketing projects that will promote products and services are completed accurately within budget and on time.