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Top Reasons for Hiring Bodyguard Services

You probably wonder why political icons, celebrities, and top businessmen employ bodyguard services. What are the advantages gained from having a personal bodyguard?

Ensuring you and your family’s safety is the smartest reason for hiring bodyguard services. The increasing rates of violence and crime today can cause sleepless nights and anxiety.

Some of the top reasons for hiring a personal bodyguard include:


Protect you and your family from physical harm

Well trained in safety tactics, bodyguards, in times of emergency, show their skills in handling weapons, apply first aid, and use self-defence methods to protect. A personal bodyguard is the best person to have around you when you get seriously injured or face harmful situations.


Assess and study safety routes

The training of bodyguards gives them the ability to access safety routes. They know the dangerous routes and areas of your city to steer away from. This knowledge allows them to protect you and family by planning and taking the safest routes to various destinations in your city.


Quickly read the motives of people

You may not think that criminals may be among the strangers you meet daily. Or these strangers may be out to swindle you of life and money. Or they may be there to find out more about you and your vulnerabilities. Part of the excellent training bodyguards undergo is reading people’s motives. It may be about the way they talk or act. Whatever it is, the best benefit you get is having someone that will protect you every day from criminals and opportunists.


Perform other important services

While protecting your person is the top priority of a bodyguard, there are other services he/she can do. This includes running special errands or driving you to and back from various places. This shows the versatility of bodyguards that gains you more other than protecting you and your property.


Recommend the best security protection for your property

Successfully breaching the security of your property happens in the absence of strong protective measures. A bodyguard will be able to assess the vulnerability of your home and recommend the best security measures for it.


An excellent adviser and confidante

Your relationship with your personal bodyguard will eventually evolve over time. He might start as your protector but later level up to be a concerned companion, a confidante, and an adviser. The trust built between you and your bodyguard will even make him a good friend that you will miss when he goes away for a vacation or break.


A great option for people with special needs

People with special needs require a lot of assistance. Hiring a bodyguard is seen as the best option for helping and protecting people with special needs. He will be able to give the best support in walking or carrying things. He is also the best person to be with you when you need to go to the hospital.

The stated benefits stated in this article about bodyguards are just the tip of the iceberg for they can do more. The versatility of bodyguards allows them to perform other tasks other than protecting you and your family from harm. Exclusive Protection offer bodyguard services to help you with your security and safety needs.



Sydney CCTV Installations

Have you heard of CCTV before? It means closed-circuit television, and it can also be regarded as video surveillance. The CCTV system involves making use of a private circuit to transmit or send out a video from video cameras to a set of monitors or recording devices. CCTV differs from broadcast television because the transmission of signals is not done openly. Though it may use P2MP (Point to Multipoint), wireless links or P2P (Point to Point). You might begin to ask what precisely the purpose of closed-circuit television is. In the city of Sydney and other places, many people make use of CCTV for surveillance purposes. Most notably in areas that require monitoring like retail stores, banks and other sites that need security. In other words, they’re used as security systems.

For years, they have been used in places like stores, banks, government establishments, and so on. However, as CCTVs become cheaper and generally available, they also become widely and increasingly open to small business owners and residential homes too. You can as well find CCTVs installed in public places around Sydney like areas where significant public events are hosted to tighten further security watch. You can also find them on the streets (to plan construction projects and monitor traffic patterns). CCTVs can also be used in hotels, stadiums and convention or open centres to broadcast events relating to sports or other activities on private TV networks. Railway stations and airports do make use of CCTV for security purposes, most notably against terrorism and other related attacks.

Let’s now have a look into the benefits that come with CCTV installations in Sydney and other places. Take a peep!

Merits of CCTV Installations

Having CCTV installed in your residence or premises offers several significant benefits. One considerable benefit many customers stand to gain is the extra protection and security given to their properties. CCTVs are capable of producing high-resolution images and can provide you with a clean record of all happenings around your premises. Other merits or advantages of CCTV installations in Sydney and other places include:

  • Criminals are most likely not to commit any crime once they find out there is a CCTV around watching them. Most times, the fear of their identity has been revealed or known is enough to stop them from going into areas where CCTVs are installed.
  • CCTV cameras serve as a second eye and help to provide the needed evidence to put an end to disputes. Referring to CCTV footage can be very helpful in settling disputes between customers.
  • Employees are given the assurance of being protected from both verbal and physical attacks with the use of CCTV systems. Most times, when people know that surveillance systems are watching them, they will caution themselves.
  • The use of CCTV systems can reduce thefts on the part of the employees. Being monitored continuously minimises the chance for employees to engage in theft or pocket goods and other items.
  • CCTV systems give people the rest of the mind that their premises or environment they are in is well protected and safe.
  • CCTV systems have the capacity of storing hours and hours of footage. This feature makes available records one can look back upon and later review.
  1. Things You Need to Know Before Installing CCTV cameras

When deciding on the kind of CCTV security system you would prefer to have installed at your property or residential building, there are quite a few crucial factors you also need to put into consideration. These factors will give you the best possible security solution. The following factors are to be considered:

  • Camera capabilities
  • Budget
  • Type of camera
  • Warranty
  • Installation
  • Support lighting
  • Camera position

Aside from installing CCTVs in your property or business, it would also add a layer of protection if you hire security services from Sydney.